Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aus News 30: Public sick of street violence, says judge

A serial offender, Brooks, 21, has been jailed for four and a half years for brutally assaulting and robbing a teacher, Mr Wresinski. The teacher claimed that he was left bloodied, bruised and with a broken arm after being kicked by the cruel and callous Brooks repeatedly. Mr Wresinski was kind to lend Brooks his bike after knowing that he had no way to get home. Unfortunately, he was robbed and bashed by the cold-blooded youth. He said that he no longer feels safe to walk the streets at night. The judge Tinney stated that the society is sick and tired of this sort of public violence. He also realised that Brooks had a unpleasant upbringing. He was being exposed to environment with domestic violence and with little regard for the law. He was also committed to a crime of assaulting his 75-year-old great-grandmother three years ago.

Public violence is getting more prevalent. The saddest issue is that youths never get themselves out of this issue. The apparent root cause here is, the upbringing atmosphere. Children should be instilled with positive attitudes and exposed to convenient environment. This is because they are vulnerable to any issue happening around them, and they are unable to distinguish what is harmful and what is beneficial. Therefore, in order to avoid them from having misconception since young, parenting and positive religious teaching should play an important role here.

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